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About Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki at a glance

Thessaloniki is the largest city in Macedonia and the second most populated city in Greece. It is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Kedrinos Lofos and lies on the western side of the Thessaloniki Prefecture and on the northern fringe of the Thermaic Gulf. The city is filled with magnificent monuments representing its history and attracting the interest of visitors.



Thessaloniki has some of the most remarkable attractions and monuments from the ancient and Byzantine eras. The city’s past is kept alive in its aboveground monuments, churches and magnificent mansions where the local leaders and foreign aristocrats lived.
The Byzantine churches in Thessaloniki are the most important monuments from the Byzantine era and some of the most remarkable are: the Rotunda (Agios Georgios, 4th century BC), Agios Dimitrios (5th-7th century BC), Agios Panteleimon (14th century) etc.
Other important sites of the city include the White Tower (15th century), the Arch of Galerius (4th century BC) with its magnificent frescoes depicting Galerius’ victory over the Persians, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Culture etc.
“Near Thessaloniki you can visit the Archaeological Site of Aigai (modern name Vergina) which was the first capital of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia, where the tomb of King Philip (the father of Alexander the Great) was found. Other important monuments on the site are the royal tombs in the Great Tumulus, the cemetery of the tumuli, the Palace and the Theatre etc.

LARNAKA sm   white tower   thessaloniki-statue-alexander-great   


Thessaloniki by night

Thessaloniki is famous for its intense nightlife and the countless entertainment choices it offers. Cafés, bars, clubs and live music pubs are located in the city and some of them are presented below:

Valaioritou - Syngrou
In this area you will come across bars with jazz, rock and mainstream music and you will have a great time.

Alongside the boardwalk, on Nikis Avenue, you will find many cafés, bars and restaurants from the White Tower all the way to the port. It is ideal for all hours of the day starting from a morning coffee, relaxing in the afternoon or evening and, or night drinks. Several restaurant-bars are also located along the coast.

This is one of the most popular regions for night entertainment in the city located very close to the port and the coast. The graphic area of the Ladadika with its sidewalks and low, at most, 3-level buildings, once constituted the historic centre of Thessaloniki.

In the city you will come across with many cafés, bars, restaurants, clubs etc. You can also visit Mylo, Vilka, the beach of Aretsous in Kalamaria, the new beach near the Musik Hall, the bars on Iktinou Street, the cafés and bars on Aristotelous Square.

kastra     ARISTOTELOUS sm          

Find out more about Thessaloniki, inclunding restaurants and places to visit, in the follow link

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